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Grasmere Lake District No. 1
Near Grasmere
Oil - 24"x36" (60x76 cm)
Lake District No. 1
Oil - 40"x50" (100x127 cm)
Lake District No. 2 Wild Flowers
Lake District No. 2
Oil - 40"x50" (100x127 cm)
Wild Flowers
Oil - 30"x50" (76x142 cm)
Summer Vista Mt. Katahdin
Summer Vista
Oil - 24"x36" (60x76 cm)
Mt. Katahdin
Oil - 24"x30" (60x76 cm)
Tall Trees Iris Gardens
Tall Trees
Oil - 34"x32" (86x81 cm)
Iris Gardens
Oil - 48"x56" (122x142 cm)
Garden on the Sound Garden in the Afternoon Light
Garden on the Sound
Oil - 30"x40" (76x100 cm)
Garden in the Afternoon Light
Oil - 36"x48" (90x122 cm)
Viburnam West Indian Garden
Oil - 36"x36" (90x90 cm)
West Indian Garden
Oil - 36"x36" (90x90 cm)
September Garden Iris and Indian Cloth
September Garden
Oil - 36"x54" (90x137 cm)
Iris and Indian Cloth
Oil - 34"x34" (86x86 cm)
Chairs in Symmetry Out the Door
Chairs in Symmetry
Oil - 42"x36" (107x90 cm)
Out the Door
Oil - 50"x40" (127x100 cm)
Summer Interior First Bloom
Summer Interior
Oil - 36"x48" (90x122 cm)
First Bloom
Oil - 40"x50" (100x127 cm)
River's Edge Sherwood Island
River's Edge
Watercolor - 6"x9" (15x23 cm)
Sherwood Island
Watercolor - 9"x12" (22x30 cm)
Low Tide Late Bloom
Low Tide
9"x12" (23x30 cm)
Late Bloom
Watercolor - 7"x10" (18x25 cm)
The House on Riverside Flower Farm
The House on Riverside
Watercolor - 12"x12" (30x30 cm)
Flower Farm
Watercolor - 9"x12" (23x30 cm)